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Reservation Line/Schedule Trips: 855-264-6368
Immediate Assistance Line: 877-986-7416
After-Hours Discharge: 855-264-6368


Name Title Phone Number Email
Morghan Countryman Complaint Supervisor 720-282-4448

Mary Whittaker Mileage Reimbursement Coordinator 720-282-4444

Cristina Ortiz Call Center Supervisor 720-282-4446
Lynn Gonzales Transportation Network Manager 720-282-4443
Clinical Coordinator
Glenn Onodera Senior Person Colorado 720-282-4447
Laura Jordan Strategic Account Manager 720-770-0468
Thomas Peacock Dispatch 855-264-6368
Peggy Ellis Bus Ticket Coordinator 720-282-4441
Josh Baker Market Director
FAX Numbers
MCTS Forms Fax FAX Line 720-282-4450
Over 25 Mile Form Fax FAX Line 720-282-4450
Consent Form Fax FAX Line 720-282-4450
Provider Trip Request FAX Line 1-888-316-2723
Mileage Reimbursement FAX Line 1-888-316-2762
After-Hours DISCHARGE FAX Line 855-264-6368



Please do not use the form below to arrange/cancel transportation. Please use the correct form in the “Forms” tab to arrange transportation or call 1-855-264-6368 to arrange/cancel transportation.

Veyo works with its transportation providers to ensure that your transportation is safe, reliable, and comfortable. In the event that the service did not meet your expectations, please feel free to speak with our Quality Assurance staff to have your concerns resolved.


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Colorado NEMT

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Broker Services are provided by Veyo

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